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Our fave spots on the beaches

I may sound a little bias when I talk about the picturesque Northern Beaches, because we all know its so damn beautiful..BUT there are a few that take the cake for the most amazing spots on the beaches.

  1. Collins Flat – Manly

This little beauty is tucked between the hustle and bustle of Manly and Sydney’s North Head. The absolutely gorgeous secluded beach is the perfect place to escape the crowds, enjoy a quiet swim and a perfect place for a bottle of wine to watch the sun go down.

  1. Fairlight Beach – Fairlight

This beautiful beach offers an amazing mix of sand, water, rock pool and ocean pools.Very easily accessible and just around the corner from the super beautiful, Manly Wharf. This is the ultimate picnic spot, and the perfect place to spend on those beautiful summer days!

  1. Castle Rock – North Balgowlah

This little beauty is our go to in Summer, its out all time favourite beach and is the most picturesque place on the beaches. This gorgeous little paradise is accessible by a lengthy flight of stairs but what awaits you at the bottom is absolutely worth it. Castle Rock is a quiet, secluded beach and is well worth spending a whole day there. Remember to pack your snacks, wine, sunscreen and of coure your Laine Bikini to enjoy it to the fullest!



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