A day in the life of Girl Boss – Madi

So my day begins around 6.30am (with a wishful thinking alarm on for 7am)…generally woken by puppy kisses from my main man, Alfie Young. I wish I was a morning person but some of us are just NOT morning people…and hey there is noting wrong with that!

Brekkie generally consists of a coffee, hot lemon water to wash down my supplements, and either chilli eggs with asparagus OR a berry smoothie. My all time fav smoothie recipes can be found here

Next Alfie and I set out on our morning walk, approximately 5km around our beautiful curl curl and freshwater beach including the curl curl dog park (Alfie has a memory like a sponge and will remember every single tub of water along the entire walk and proceed to sit in each and every SINGLE one). Even though passers by think its hilarious, I’d like to attempt to get from A to B without my puppy looking like a drowned rat.

Once we make it home its out knuckle down time! Approximately 10am I grab a seat and get stuck into emails, enquiries and all things LAINE! At the moment we are working tirelessly to get my newest collection underway which means designing, sewing, more designing and altering. This is the fun part! Ill usually grab my second coffee around 11am to tide me other until lunch. I’ve been semi obsessed with ice coffee as of late so will often spend at least 15 minutes trying to perfect it (I still haven’t perfected it yet!).

As soon as 1pm comes around I start preparing lunch. Lunch is my favorite meal of the day and I generally opt for a salad with absolutely anything and everything in it. I generally take about an hour to finish lunch, duck to freshie for a swim and get myself sorted before I start prepping orders. Each order is placed in out of our beautiful Laine beach pouches, perfect for wet bikinis after a day by the water!

This part of the day I generally get distracted and find myself watching funny dog youtube videos or chiming into my new found Netflix addiction Peaky Blinders (Thanks Mol ;)). Before I know it, its almost time for the post office to shut, so I make a mad dash to my local freshwater post office to post all of your beautiful orders! After sending off orders I start to wind down and generally have a protein shake or berry smoothie around 4.30 to give myself a last little bit of energy before I head off to the gym at 6.30. Plus if I ate any later that 4.30 It’d probably come back up during my session ;)

I book into the 6.30 session at manly F45 every night, some people work out better in the morning, some at night…I’m just way too lazy to get up early and go! My F45 session is what I like to call my ‘free therapy’. Here I just smash out what I can, forget every worry floating around in my head and just get on with it, all the while am trying not to be sick. F45 IS A KILLER! But a damn good killer, that…maybe if you try hard enough might help you get abs…wait just kidding…I like chocolate a little too much J

Straight from the gym its home to prep dinner, usually tofu (im vegetarian and have been for 10 years), sweet potato chips and steamed broccoli. Super easy, Super delicious and super healthy. Before bed ill have a cup of evening tea and if im lucky a piece of pana organic choccie (YUM!) The fig and wild orange is a MUST!

What I try to do is keep a healthy balance in my life, balance between work and play, between healthy food and not so healthy food. But one thing I am a strong believer in is you time! It is the most important time! Nourish your body and it’ll nourish you right back.



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