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If you are ANYTHING like me, you go through phases of liking one thing and phases of liking the next…often resulting in you turning your room, office, wardrobe or apartment upside down ATLEAST once every six months. Yeah, well I am having one of those moments RIGHT NOW! (SOS, the bank account won’t like this one). So here we go, out with the old and in with the new.

my fav inspo bits and bobs right now.

A seasonal must – the fiddle leaf fig, they go perfectly with these $12 Kmart baskets. Who's the real winner now, bank account?!

Etsy printable wall prints. I’ve purchased many from this lovely lady and they only set me back about $8 a download. ( another big tick for the bak account)

Kim Soo Linen cushion/ pillow covers

My Kim Soo Shibori cushion covers

Antipodes sparlking 1000ml water bottle

The perfect pendant light

My 650ml swell drink bottle

my top tips for putting it ALL together.


If you feel like something is missing, it probably is….I suggest sticking an indoor plant in a kmart basket and I promise it will no longer feel like something is missing. Greenery is GREAT!

To avoid all of the nitty gritty pendant installation problems, purchase pendants that are powered by a power point, like these ones here.

Try not kill your indoor greenery, I now believe I am the mast of fiddle leaf figs and know only to water them when they look thirsty (aka when I rememeber – approximately one a week), they like sun but not too much, and it really appreciates fresh air. Talk about a needy plant!

if real life plants and you don’t get on, you can totally just buy a fake fiddle leaf fig, we will not judge you…plus they are was less maintenance than the real life ones!

Keep in minimal, in case you change your mind about your design choices in 6 months…there will be less to sneak out without your significant other noticing ;)

Plus minimal looks really nice

Baskets are the absolute bomb diggity, if I have anything unsightly that I don’t want on display stick them in a basket! Ta daaah, good as NEW!

As much as I hate to admit it, mum was right when she said ‘organisation is key’. I’ve bought myself these organisation boxes for all my bits and bobs…its actually AMAZING!

Have fun Laine babes



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