How to Nail your First Girls Summer Lunch


BOY…we have missed the guts out of you! We are celebrating the long awaited arrival of summer with just the most perfect girls lunch ever. Here are Laine’s top picks for nailing your first summer girls lunch.

The perfect spot, outdoor is best....why wouldn’t you want to be sitting in the sun sipping on cocktails and celebrating summer. Take advantage of the great weather and enjoy the stinging hot days into the balmy evenings with the company of your posse.

DÉCOR DÉCOR DÉCOR. Its all about nailing the décor…our must have items are, Moroccan floor cushions…or basically anything you can lie, sit, sleep or eat on. MORE THE BETTER, especially after you’ve eaten yourself silly…you can sprawl out and enjoy the summer vibes. Moroccan throws, lace table runners, vintage flower vase, bright colours and lots of flowers (our pick at the moment are peonies and hydrangeas) and lots and lots of froze ;) for some décor inspo check out our pinterest board here.

HELLO FOOD! Split up jobs, appoint everybody a different job to do, whether it be supplying rosè for the frozè (lets be honest this is THE most important job), or creating amazing platters, or lending their creative tastes to create the beautiful space. This way you can utilise everybody and get the best of both worlds and have some AHHHMAZING food. Finger food is probably going to be easier to nibble on…and could maybe help you eat not so much (but probably not because who doesn’t love eating delicious food for hours on end?!). For some platter inspo check out our pinterest board here

Flowers are the MAKER of summer get togethers. They add so much colour and freshen up the look! For a cheap alternative go for a walk around the garden and pick some of your home grown flowers….IF flowers aren’t your thing I’ve got you covered! SUCCULENTS! Are the best things EVER! Totally hassle free and offer the same natural beauty to your table.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, have a BLAST! I mean…it will be impossible not to, especially when you’re surrounded by your amazing friends, amazing food, amazing cocktails, music and the summer sun.



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