The struggle is real in summer, we want that bangin bikini bod, but we want those doughnut time salted caramel donuts even more. If you need ideas to cure your sugar craving this summer you need to keep reading…

Put the donut down…and try these delicious smoothie recipes instead, having a serious sweet tooth myself I swear by these super healthy smoothies and smoothie bowls! They keep you fuller for longer, taste like they should be naughty AND they are not salted caramel donuts. Winning!


Banana and Berry

1 ripe banana

1 Cup Frozen berries

½ cup of Oats + Chia Coconut

1 Tablespoon of Black Swan Greek yogurt + coconut

1 – 1 ½ cups of unsweetened coconut and almond milk

Mango and passionfruit

Fruit from 3-4 passionfruit

Handful of frozen raspberries

½ cup of Mango cheek (frozen or fresh)

Fresh coconut Flesh

1 – 1 ½ Unsweetened Coconut and Almond milk

Mango Baby

1 cup of Mango

1 Ripe banana

Pinch of fresh Mint

3 Tablespoon of Black Swan Greek yogurt

Dash of Honey

1 – 1 ½ Unsweetened Coconut and Almond milk

Raspberry and Mango

1/2 Cup Frozen raspberries

1 cup mango

Coconut flesh

Coconut Water

Blend these babies together and ENJOY!


Acai Bowl

Frozen 100% acai (from the freezer section in health food stores)


Coconut water or Juice

Agave syrup

Toppings (Goji Berries, Strawberries, chia seeds, granola)

Strawberries ‘n’ cream Smoothie Bowl

1 ½ cup frozen strawberries

Coconut Yogurt

Maple Syrup

Vanilla Essence

Tropical Smoothie bowl

1 Cup Mango Cheeks

½ Cup Pineapple

1 Ripe banana

100% Coconut Water

Toppings (fresh mango, kiwi fruit, dates, organic coconut flakes, chia seeds)

Choc Banana Smoothie Bowl (YUM!!)

1 ripe banana

1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter

Cocoa Powder


1-1 ½ Cup of Almond milk

Toppings (Banana, Cocoa nibs, granola, peanuts)




ps. enjoy our interest board filled with heaps of delicious smoothie recipes here

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