How to beat the summer frizz

How to treat dry hair

With summer fast approaching, so are the salty days by the beach, emptying the sand out of your beach bag and last but not least, the DREADED dry beach hair.

It is often too easy to get into the wake up, eat, beach, sleep REPEAT, meaning we occasionally give all things hygiene a miss (I mean the beach is like a shower, right?). HOWEVER, with all of the amazing things about summer, bad things come too. In this case the biggest bummer is the crazy dry summer hair than we are all prone to getting. BUT FEAR NOT! We have your back, continue reading to find out Laine’s top tips to keeping babylicious hair all summer long!

number one

With too much sun, salt, chlorine and all things summer it also comes that crunchy, dry feeling when you go to run Baywatch style up the beach only to have your fingers caught in your almost dreadlock summer hair. I highly recommend using an intense hydrating mask weekly or fortnightly (whatever you have time for really). Our top pick is the Moroccan Oil Masque. Apply mask after shampooing, hop out of the shower and give it a quick blow dry (this allows the hair to expand, therefore ensuring the product is able to get the whole piece of hair to soak up all the goodness). Once your hair is warm, leave the mask in for a further 10 minutes, then rinse. Your hair will feel like HEAVEN again!

number two

even though we are told to shampoo and condition frequently, sometimes when we do it too often it can damage our hair. (WHAT THE? Who would have thought!). Avoid washing your hair everyday (this applies all year round), particularly in summer. Too much shampoo can cause the hair to dry even faster, so make sure you shampoo as little as possible!

number three

trim your split ends! (duh!). Get rid of those pesky little things before they keep splitting. The best way to minimise split ends is to stop them in their tracks. The best and most affective way to do this is to give them the trim.

Psst, one more little trick is to rinse your hair with cold water after any trim, treatment or swim. This helps to seal your hairs cuticles, allowing your summer frizz to dry a little flatter.

Love always,


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