To pack or not to pack?

To pack or not to pack? Our Bali packing List

With our next Bali getaway just around the corner, we have to get down and gritty with the reality of packing (and not taking our entire summer wardrobe with us!). Here are out top tips on packing for Bali, a little slice of paradise, without going overboard!



☼ Travel Documents

☼ Insurance Documents

☼ US $35 on arrival

☼ Photo ID

☼ Emergency Contact Numbers



☼ Laine Swimwear suit (bikini and full piece)

Bali Body Cocoa tanning oil

☼ Sunglasses

☼ A good Book – currently reading Breathing Underwater by Sophie Hardcastle

☼ Lonely Planet Indonesia and Bali and Lombok

☼ Polaroid Camera (and film!)

We also suggest packing these items, they are GREAT room savers and can be used in a number of ways to reduce the amount of extra baggage you may have ;) Save yourself a few bucks on baggage and spend it where it really matters…on COCKTAILS!!


Ulua Full Piece - Our Pick (Khaki) (can be worn when exploring the beautiful Balinese beaches, BUT can also be worn under shorts and wrap skirts for a more sophisticated look.

Laine Swimwear Nahla T-Bar bralette. Saves you having to pack bra’s, lest be honest…who wants to wear a bra in Bali anyway?!

Laine Swimwear Cascade Full piece, chuck a pair of shorts or a skirt over the top and wear us out in the evening and into the early morn ;)

If you are like me you tend to head to Bali and buy more than you anticipate…OOPS! It happens to the best of us, SO….to avoid hefty baggage payments on your return ensure you pack ONLY the essentials!

Refer to out previous Bali blog post to see Laine Swimwears all time FAVOURITE places to eat, swim drink and shop and you will not be disappointed.

**Travel Tip.

Leave heavy items such as shampoo and condition, body wash and moisturiser at home and purchase there! It’ll save you a little more room to squeeze those extra unnecessary pieces in on the way home. PACK LESS TO SAVE MORE!

**Cosmetic Tip.

ITS TOO DAMN HOT FOR MAKEUP…be brave and go without…or if you cant… pack the absolute bare minimum such as a tinted moisturiser with SPF


Laine xxx

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