3 top tips to staying healthy this winter

I don’t know about you, but…I lose enormous amounts of motivation throughout the colder months…. sometimes not even the old ‘But summer bodies are made in winter’ saying can get my butt moving….BUT I have got a few tips that I follow to make sure I look after myself the best I can throughout winter.

number one.

Find a winter activity that you actually enjoy…often mine will change time and time again but at the moment I am somewhat obsessing over my new yoga studio iphone app which is only $3.99! The best thing about this app is you can alter each session to your individual need, I’ve set aside 20 minutes each day to get through this workout in the comfort of my own home! I am also continuing to see my personal trainer twice a week! He is a specialist in strength training and packs a punch every single sessions! Check his blog out here fit4purpose. If you struggle to motivate yourself the best way to stay motivated is with a workout buddy!

number two.

Try and fill your bodies with yummy delicious and healthy wholesome food. I am a MASSIVE fan of overnight oats; they are simple, delicious and ready for on the go people. Keep reading to find out our overnight oat recipe!


♥½ cup of organic oats

♥½ cup of almond and coconut milk

♥1 tsp of chia seeds

♥2 tbs organic coconut yogurt

♥frozen berries


♥ add ½ cup of oats and almond and cocnut milk

♥ add chia seeds

♥ add coconut yogurt

♥ add frozen berries

♥ refrigerate over night

number three.

3 X R’s.

REST, RELAXATION, REALLY GOOD WINE. The last, but I think the most important is to give yourself the rest, relaxation and really good wine it deserves…If you don’t have a balance you wont be able to perform in the other aspects of your ‘staying healthy during winter mission’….Life is too short to not appreciate the little things ;) like chocolate…and wine…and cheese ;)

Lots of Love,

Laine xx

PS. Check out these amazing healthy recipes on our Pinterest Board

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