The perfect way to spend a girl’s weekend (Cheese Boards included!)

What’s the best way to spend a girl’s weekend away with 12 of your besties?

Look no further! Our ultimate guide to absolutely nailing your next girls weekend <3

First comes first, cheese and wine (the key ingredients to any successful girls weekend!)

Secondly, finding the perfect place to stay. Try airbnb or stays for search specific accommodation. Our go to weekend getaway is Seal Rocks, approximately 3 hours north of Sydney and absolutely beautiful!

Girls weekends are all about enjoying the things us girls like doing best, wining, dining, drinking and gossiping. To keep your girls weekend budget ditch the café lunch and breakfast and combine your awesomeness to create some epic cheeseboard spreads! Our must have cheeseboard items

- A huge cheese board (the bigger the better, more surface area = more cheese)

- Double Brie

- Quince Paste

- Sicilian Olives

- Sun dried tomatoes

- Artichokes

- Guacamole

- Dark Lindt chocolate (coconut or raspberry are to DIE for)

Get some inspo on our pinterest board here

My friends and I are also suckers for espresso martinis (who isn’t?!) Be sure to follow our espresso martini recipe to create the BEST homemade espressos EVER!!.


♥ a long shot of coffee (on nespresso machine) Caramel or Vanilla coffee pods work best

♥ a shot and a half of Kahlua

♥ a shot and a half of vodka

♥ Ice ice baby

♥ For all those with a sweet tooth be sure to add a splash of vanilla essence to make it sweeter


♥ Add all ingredients into a cocktail mixer

♥ Add lots of ice

♥ Shake what your mumma gave you

♥ Serve in a martini glass over ice

Be sure to pack some active wear in case you do something active (lets be honest, it probably wont happen….but we all know it’s the most comfortable attire ever!!!) In the case you do actually do something active, go for a group walk! We are lucky enough to have our house situated in the perfect spot in Seal Rocks with beaches as far as the eye can see. We also have a beautiful bush walk up to a lighthouse just at the end of our street (more reason for you Sydney babes to head that way!).

A last must for a girls weekend is to bring along games! We often oversee the fun in games (which only get more fun as more wine is consumed). I suggest cards against humanity for a game sure to bring you to tears in laughter!

One last thing....Don’t put down those adult colouring in books just yet! Buy a few of these from Kmart and a few fine point pens and you are set for weather that may take a rainy turn

Lots of love

Laine xx


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