How to take care of your Laine Swimwear..

Have you ever wondered what really is the best way to take care of your swimwear?

Fear not we have got your back!

As Laine Swimwear is all produced with only the best quality of lycra, some specifically chosen and imported from New York it is so important to know exactly how to take care of each individual piece! We have a few simple, but super important steps to follow to ensure your pieces hold onto their colour, their shape and their wonderful quality. Following these few, simple steps will prolong your swimwear’s life and keep you lovely Laine babes looking as baben as ever forever!!

Helpful hint: Swimwear is not the biggest fan of chlorine. If you can avoid long periods spent in chlorinated pools and spas it will benefit your swimwear and its vibrant colour. However we know this can be tricky (especially when all we do in Bali is laze by the pool, especially at Potato head…..we accidentally get carried away drinking cocktails and don’t realise how fast the time is flying by ;) ), so if it does happen be sure to rise your swimwear in warm water with mild detergent as soon as possible!

Our few helpful care instructions to wash your bikini just right:

  1. Hand rinse straight after use, best to do so with a mild detergent in warm, fresh water. Do not put your bikini in the washing machine!!

  2. Gently (I mean super gently) squeeze the excess water out of your swimwear. Don’t wring or twist the garments as this may make it lose it shape! Eek!

  3. Dry flat and in the shade to minimise creases or wrinkles in your pieces! Its super important to dry your swimwear in the shade to avoid direct contact with the sun, allowing your kinis and full pieces to hold onto their beautiful colour!

A couple more helpful hints to be aware of when taking care of your swimwear:

  1. Avoid excess lotions and oils, this means sun tanning oils, sunscreen, fake tans and makeup. These can ruin the fabric composition of your bikinis and full pieces and result in discolouration! We certainly don’t have time for that!

  2. Be careful not to snag your toosh on any sharp or bumpy edges as this can ruin the lovely texture of your swimwear! So babes you must take extra care when hopping in and out of pools and spas!

  3. Lucky last Laine tip, for all those beach babes who spend hours upon hours of summer sun down by the sandy shores would have experienced the frustrating efforts of removing the sand from your bikini bottoms! Follow these few simples steps to

  • Start by shaking your swimwear to dislodge any sand particles from your swimwear

  • Soak swimwear in warm water for 5 minutes, then you need to gently squeeze out the excess water

  • Then allow to dry on a large towel for a whole day (trust us when we say, its totally worth it!)

  • After you’ve rinsed, squeezed and dried you then place your swimwear in a warm tub with mild detergent. Wash thoroughly and rinse, repeat until all sand has fallen out. Repeat the previous step by drying on a large dry towel overnight!

Enjoy these few simple steps to keep your bikinis as beautiful as ever!

P.s don’t forget, our Laine Swimwear beach pouch is the PERFECT way to get your bikinis to and from the beach ;)

Lots of love,

Laine xxx

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