Our Fave By the Water Cocktail

Laine Babes enjoying a cocktail

When lounging by the pool, or by the beach…or by both at one time, (you better have a cocktail In hand!) my absolute favourite cocktail of all time is the white wine sangria!

I think it should be mandatory that when you’ve positioned yourself water side, to really enjoy the experience to the fullest you need a cocktail in hand, a particularly handsome pool boy and an endless supply of sun.

As you know, my favourite place in the world is Bali. This is where I have been lucky enough to try some of the most exquisite, delicious and bizarre cocktails EVER! (Please note their liqueur levels differ somewhat to ours here in Australia and apparently 1 shot equates to about 3….or 5 of theirs….) Whether that is a bad or good thing is up to you, however we don’t mind it so much here at Laine HQ ;).

When we are organising gatherings we have a go to white wine sangria recipe that is always an absolute winner! If you want to make sure its as good as we say you really need to make it yourself!

Our amazingly wonderful tasty white wine sangria

♥ 750 ml Bottle Sauvignon Blanc

♥1L soda water (Lime flavoured is mandatory!)

♥1 Can of lychees in syrup (keep the syrup!!)

♥2 Fresh limes cut into thin slices

♥ Fresh Mint Leaves


♥ Combine all ingredients into a punch bowl and mix thoroughly (but not too thoroughly)

♥ Allow sangria to sit and let chill for at least 2 hours – if you can leave it longer that’s ever better! This allows all the yumminess to infuse into the best and most amazingly wonderful tasty white wine sangria

♥ Once you have allowed it to sit and soak up all the awesomeness – Garnish with fresh mint leaves and serve chilled with ice.

For all our lady loves who aren’t as big white wine sangria fans as we are, check out these AMAZING, perfect by the water cocktails on our Pinterest board here

Lots of Love,

Laine xxxx

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