Our Top Beach Babe Must Haves

In celebration of our brand new Laine Swimwear beach pouch we are letting you in on our beach babe must haves. Be prepared for wherever and whenever you find yourself along the salty shores of beautiful beaches around the world with something to cover your ASSets in every aspect ;)

Bali Body – Our tanning MUST! This all-natural tanning oil leaves your skin with an instant-bronzed glow without dehydrating your skin. Our all time favourite is the cacao tanning oil, as well as oiling you up it leaves you smelling almost as good enough to eat. P.s. Its plant based and 100% cruelty free – a big tick of approval from us at Laine!

Le Tan coconut sunscreen We do not leave the house without this stuff, while the dangers of tanning are something that we are very aware of at Laine we make sure out skin is protected wherever we are! I apply the coconut lotion almost everyday! We love it because its got your back while allowing you to achieve the tan you desire.

Fallen Broken Street Hat While we spend most of our summer days, and the winter days where we are chasing the summer sun, we know and understand the importance of wearing a hat! The Fallen Broken Street ratatat hat is the perfect unisex fedora. While leaving you on trend it also protects the most important part of your body, your face!

Le Spec Sunglasses – Our sunnies don’t tend to leave our side, glued to our hip almost all day everyday. For the perfect style we love the runaways by Le Spec.

Round Towel – YES! How perfect is the amazing the beach people round towel?! Why it took this long to come up with a round towel I do not know but boy are we glad they did!

A good book – I am currently reading a Jodi Picoult book – she can do no wrong! BUT if you’re looking for a good read look no more. Our fave by the beach reads are:

  • Snowing in Bali by Kathryn Bonella

  • Hotel K by Kathryn Bonella

  • We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

  • Marching Power by Rusty Young

Each item we have mentioned we just cant live without and just so happen to fit ever so perfectly in our new beach pouches!– our Laine Beach Pouches are free with every purchase over $50!

A little Laine Hint ;) These bags are PERFECT for chucking wet cozzies in after a swim!!!

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