How we started


With a passion for comfortable, affordable and fun swimwear it was only a matter of time before Madi, owner and designer of Laine started designing and manfacturing swimwear that was just that. 


Laine originates from Madi's full name Madelaine, which means having an inner desire to create things. This encouraged Madi to create and design her own pieces for her very first collection 'La Mar'. 


Being raised most of her life on the beautiful shores of Australia’s world renowned Northern beaches with her younger sister where they established the idea of 'ocean loyalist', an appreciation for the ocean. This is why Madi was inspired to bring you this range which she sees as an extension of her. The Northern beaches provided the backdrop and here Madi was exposed to the variety of swimwear and her appreciation for the perfect bikini. 


Currently studying an associate Degree in Policing, Madi finds designing and creating swimwear one of her peaceful passtimes where she can let her creative and fun desires come to the surface. She strives to offer quality swimwear that suits the everyday girl and encourages them to feel comfortable doing so! Her line offers unstructured pieces for maximum comfort,and mix and match designs to allow you to enjoy wearing them in many ways!


Madi can not wait to see her pieces worn along the Northern Beaches and wonderful places around the world.